Is your growing business ready for the potential challenges of managing employee relations as you continue to expand? Do you or other senior officers have time to address this, along with all the other important issues that need your attention? Possibly you have looked at hiring HR personnel, but the cost has been seen as detrimental?

There are many unforeseen adverse situations that may arise with employees, that could lead to major impacts on the viability and financial stability of even the best-run firms. This is perhaps especially true in moderate-sized businesses – since they seldom have established protocols or in-house HR services for handling such events, that would likely be present in a larger company. In addition, they may be transitioning up from a smaller startup size where the management-employee dynamic was more relaxed and casual.

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Bramwell Partners Has the Solution

The solution is HR consulting. Bramwell Partners is Brisbane’s human resource service for small business. We would like to speak with you about your goals and needs – call us on 07 3630 5695 or get in touch online for a no-obligation consultation. The best time to engage human resource services is before an incident requires it.

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Our Human Resource Services

As the HR consultants Brisbane businesses turn to, we are proud to offer a full range of HR consulting services for small business – tailored to your business, and are always ready to adapt to your changing requirements. We develop practical, real-world solutions for all aspects of employee relationship management.

Workplace Injury and Incident Consulting Session

We understand the increasing responsibilities and complexities of today’s workplace health and safety requirements. We’ll help you create a workplace that is compliant and a workforce that is safety-aware.

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A properly planned and implemented quality management system will improve products by ensuring specs are met, and errors and waste are reduced. Documented quality processes elevate your enterprise in the eyes of your clients – both current and prospective.

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All businesses need clearly defined HR policies, providing a consistent framework for actions and responsibilities of employees and management. We will help you put the basics in place – then develop and refine them and provide additional HR services as your business grows.

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HR services require the capabilities and full attention of skilled professionals. We provide analysis of your business – where it is now and where you want it to be. We create a set of HR policies and processes keyed to your unique situation, and our consultants will assist you in implementing them. From high-level compliance to employee conflict resolution, we have the HR experience your enterprise needs – for today and the years ahead.

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Workplace compliance in Australia has become more complex than ever before. The risks of non-compliance are not worth taking. Our compliance specialists help ensure your business is compliant with all relevant workplace rules, regulations, awards and agreements.

Bramwell Partners Employment Termination Consulting for Employers

We provide ISO9001 awareness training – suitable for any business, and a major aspect of quality management systems. Understanding legal compliance issues is very important today, and your business will benefit from ISO9001 through improved efficiency and cost savings.

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Bramwell Partners are ready to be your trusted HR consultants. Work with the HR services Brisbane knows and looks to. We have years of experience assisting great companies like yours, providing all HR services for SMES and covering all HR and compliance issues, freeing up management to concentrate on growing the business.

Your enterprise gains the support and expertise of experienced HR and compliance specialists, while avoiding the cost of in-house managers and staff. To discuss your needs and exchange ideas, call us on 07 3630 5695 or reach out online for a friendly and free consultation.

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