Workplace Safety Audits with the Compliance Professionals

Most business owners today are aware of the need for workplace safety compliance. But knowing if your business is actually WHS compliant and up to standard is much more complicated. Few small business owners have the in-depth knowledge and resources immediately at hand that will allow them to conduct realistic workplace safety audits and satisfy the relevant compliance issues.

This is where the professional advice and assistance of a workplace safety consultant will be invaluable. Working with a Workplace Safety Consultant who really knows the field, getting your questions answered by people who do this every day and have seen just about every workplace scenario there is, and receiving in-depth reports on the status and compliance readiness of your business. We look at your business, do the research and analysis, prepare our reports, and give you the whole picture. Meanwhile, you are free to concentrate on what you do best – running your company.

Bramwell Partners would like to speak with you about the advantages of conducting a workplace health and safety audit and industrial safety audit for your business. The best time to get started is always now. Call us on 3630 5695 or get in touch onlne.

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What Are Workplace Safety Audits?

A workplace safety audit is designed to discover the true state of safety at your workplace and provide a one-time, in-depth view. The audit looks at the physical plant, work processes, production systems, and the people involved. Workplace safety is mandated by regulatory act in Australia, but all businesses should provide a positive and safe working environment It shows your company commitment to quality, to the well-being of your staff – and it’s just the right thing to do. The workplace safety audit is a way of finding out how your business is doing in this important regard.

How Workplace Safety Audits Are Conducted

A workplace safety consultant is dedicated to your business for the audit. The process may include interviews and discussions with managers and staff, fact-finding, observation, background research, industry analysis, examination of documents, comparison of comparable workspaces, and will always involve an on-site visit or visits.

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The Results of a Workplace Safety Audit Report

After the audit process is complete, the workspace safety consultant will gather together all the information obtained and organise it into a concise workplace safety audit report. The report will provide the checklist that was used in the audit, show the ways in which the company is doing well, and will point out which areas may need improvement by implementing corrective actions to ensure compliance.

The report is presented in three sections: Non-Conformances, Opportunity for Improvement, and Observations. All recommendations are to be made based on WHS legal requirements.  A workplace health and safety audit is meant as a roadmap for success.

Who Requires Workplace Safety Audits?

Your business may not be extremely large and may not have the complex WHS issues of a larger organisation, but you will still need compliant HR and safety procedures in place. The cost of non-compliance when something goes wrong can be enough to create the potential for business failure. It’s not worth taking this risk, especially when highly qualified professional guidance is available.

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Looking Ahead

The one-time Workspace Safety Audit will provide a comprehensive picture of your enterprise and its current state of readiness and WHS compliance. Bramwell Partners also offer ongoing HR and safety advisory services, tailored to your business and your particular situation. We would be pleased to continue our professional relationship in this manner, and you will benefit greatly over the years from the stability and support we can provide.

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