Save time and money with the help of HR support for small businesses. Our HR support services for small business help small to medium businesses that cannot afford to hire a full-time Human Resources Manager, Workplace Health & Safety Officer or a Quality Control Officer.

At Bramwell Partners, we help small and medium businesses save time and money by offering comprehensive, effective and professional advice across a range of employee management services. Qualified advisors deliver our advice.

How our HR support services work

Firstly, we conduct a gap analysis at your business, focusing on assessing the differences of your actual performance with your potential or desired performance, i.e., the ‘current state’ and the ‘desired future state’. Our consultants are experienced in conducting gap analysis audits and can offer strategies on how to move your current state to your desired future state via either a consultation meeting and/or by providing a detailed report.

When you then sign on with us, we first develop a set of compliance procedures, policies and guidelines tailored to your company. We do this by focusing on your company mission, vision and values. We make sure that we understand what success looks like to your business. We also always make an effort to understand the scope of required work while maintaining the necessary level of communication you expect as our client.

For a monthly fee, we can also manage your ongoing compliance across these three core areas:

  • HR Compliance – We achieve HR compliance by ensuring that correct individual and group behaviours are defined. We make sure that laws, regulations and policies are well understood and followed across all levels of your organisation. To achieve this, we take a proactive, hands-on approach in ensuring that small and medium business such as yours meet their HR obligations. 
  • Quality Management – We create a sequence of documented processes which outline how to complete activities and tasks across your organisation. Quality management ensures that the quality of work at your organisation meets the standards you require. However, we do not change the processes you already have in your business. We document what is already taking place and provide you with the confidence that your company can provide a quality product or service consistently. 
  • Workplace Health and Safety – supporting management by developing and implementing a WHS management system that will build, support and nurture a good safety culture within your company. 

Small Business HR Solutions

At Bramwell Partners, we know that each business is different, and so are the HR packages that we offer. We will work with your organisation to establish a clearly defined scope of responsibility with minimum and maximum interaction boundaries. You have the ultimate control over the level of compliance management we carry out in your business on your behalf.

The benefit in engaging us for HR support in your small or medium business is that you can incorporate our affordable HR support services into your budget. We give you the peace of mind that your HRWHS, and Quality Assurance compliance are all effectively and appropriately managed by professionals who love what they do!


  • On-call Support – Simply call us on 07 3630 5695 when you need help.
  • Document Management – Never again worry about whether your paper trail or internal records are compliant and adequate. We will manage your organisation’s documentation processes for you.
  • Site Audits – As part of our HR Support Brisbane service, we manage the compliance of your business based on how it operates in reality and not just on paper.
  • Employee Conflict Resolution – Effective employee conflict resolution is a professional skill. Let us worry about the handling of difficult interpersonal situations in your workplace so that you don’t have to. Get started with small business HR consulting with Bramwell Partners today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally small business owners handle HR tasks and issues on their own until it either gets too difficult, or it begins to impact other areas that need attention (e.g. business development or operations/project management). Once it gets to this state this is when it becomes a viable option to engage professional HR consultants for your small business HR consulting needs.

Our HR support Brisbane service will address a business’ need for professional management of human resources, when that business does not require a full time, in-house human resources team. You can expect help such as on-call support, document management, onsite audits, and employee conflict resolution. The key advantage of a HR support service in a small or medium business is that it can incorporate affordable HR support services at a limited budget.

Every business requires some level of HR management to remain in business. Especially with the shift towards remote working and work-from-home arrangements. Running a business is a full-time job and to additionally stay on top of the changing workplace laws and regulations, as well as manage employee related matters is a tall order for any business owner. As a small business owner it may be tempting to cut costs and save time by foregoing this aspect of your growing organisation. However, there is a lot more to human resource management than simply onboarding or terminating employees. Compliance with applicable laws is very important and non-adherence to often changing rules and regulations can cost a business money through penalties. small business HR solutions, even outsourced, can help you to mitigate risk and liability at an affordable rate.

The recommended policies will vary from business to business and depending on your organization’s activities both business and social. For that reason, some of the policies possibly applicable to any given business could encompass:

  • Work Health and Safety
  • Harassment and Discrimination
  • Performance Management
  • Termination
  • Redundancy

To name just a few examples.

Outsourcing provides a cost-effective solution to HR issues. Many small business owners will be placed in a position where they require the assistance of a HR professional without the added stress of having to afford a dedicated HR professional on their payroll.

For a monthly fee, you can expect HR consultants to assist you and your business with quite a few services such as:

HR Management
• Recruitment Support
• Onboarding and Induction
• Probation
• Offboarding and Exit Interviews
• Performance/Disciplinary Management

HR Support Brisbane
• HR Inquiry and Issue Support

HR Documentation Development
• Company Manual
• Employment Agreements
• Position Descriptions
• Hr Policy and Procedure
• Hr Forms and Checklists

HR Compliance
• Leave and Entitlements
• Remuneration and Allowances

Culture And Performance
• Psychometric Assessments
• Performance Development
• Knowledge and Skills Development


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