With the help of our HR consulting services you can take your business from good to great through professional development, training, and policy implementation.

Our HR consulting services are specifically crafted to give your team the security and stability it needs to progress to the next level?

In every business, employees are among your greatest assets. Without a solid team working hard for you and striving to beat targets, what would your business be?

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HR Policies and Procedures

Bramwell Partners believes that at a minimum, every company should have a basic set of HR policies and procedures. Plus, in order to maximise profitability and productivity, you need HR support and services to keep your business going from strength to strength. With Bramwell Partners, your outsourced HR solution is solved.

It is essential to set out these policies and procedures to solidify your company’s position. Having these in place will continuously provide a benchmark upon which both the employees and clients alike can understand their role and responsibilities in the company.

Having policies in place to ensure strength and consistency, and with HR services in Brisbane provided by Bramwell Partners, your policies will evolve and develop as your company grows.

The below policies are important in protecting your small business:

  • Human Resources Policy

  • Interview Process

  • Probation Process

  • Termination Process

  • Harassment and Bullying Policy

  • Leave Policy

  • Performance Policy

  • Misconduct Policy

Bramwell Partners HR Consulting Services

This is a defined authority structure that identifies the chain of command to guide and direct your employees. A clear chain of command ensures all employees are aware of who they are responsible to and responsible for. This is particularly important where there are a number of departments that have inter-related functions. As your HR consultants in Brisbane, we can develop an organisational chart for your company and revise it as and when necessary.

At orientation, every employee should be provided with a company manual. This manual stipulates all the expectations of the employer. Your manual includes such things as your social media policy, bullying and workplace harassment policies, vehicle use policy, uniforms, and acceptable attire. The employee is required to sign off as having received, read, and understood the company manual. If you do not have internal HR, Bramwell Partners can provide Brisbane HR services to put this vital document in place.

Clearly setting out the roles, responsibilities, tasks, and duties of employees provides clarity to both the employee and the employer. The position description can set out the requirements of the employer that are not covered by their award, such as their responsibility to workplace safety and personal development. Our HR Brisbane based consulting services see us developing position descriptions for a range of businesses from the Gold Coast to Caboolture.

A simple checklist to ensure that the recruitment process has been completed and all the documents have been issued or received. For example – Superannuation details, Fair Work Statement, Induction Manual, Drivers Licenses. As your HR Brisbane consultants, we can develop this recruitment checklist for you and ensure that nothing is missed.

Identifying the benchmarks upon which their employment is going to be assessed provides clear direction and guidance for employees. KPIs are based on the detail in the position description and can be used to evaluate an employee when it comes to re-negotiating employment contracts and remuneration packages. We offer this as part of our outsourced HR solution to Brisbane businesses and consider this one of the biggest factors in the reliable growth and performance of your company.

A system should be implemented to regularly review the performance of all employees. This provides both the employee and the employer the opportunity to review the performance of the employee. This process is particularly beneficial for employees that are having difficulties identifying the areas that need to be addressed. We find as part of our HR consulting to Brisbane businesses that performance reviews quite often resolve issues before they get out of hand.

Once you have identified the performance issues with your employee, you need to address the situation. But how? There is no need to throw the baby out with the bath water! You’ve invested time and effort into the employee up to this point and with a strategic approach and complete buy-in from the employee, the whole situation can be turned around to positive, productive working relationship for both parties.

Issuing a letter of offer to prospective employees formalises your offer of employment and outlines the basic conditions upon which their employment will be based. This avoids any confusion at a later date and can save a lot of time in creating documentation unnecessarily. HR outsourcing services through Bramwell Partners ensures you’re provided with this service should you ever need it.

Once the employee has accepted the letter of offer, the employment agreement should be developed. This includes all the terms and conditions that the employee and the employer will conduct their employment relationship. This employment agreement should be signed prior to commencing employment. The agreement does not override any of the requirements of the Fair Work Act 2009 or the relevant Industrial Award. It is designed to clarify those conditions that are not met by the Act or the award.

HR outsourcing services with Bramwell Partners offer an abundance of services to make business life easier for you. DISC Profiling is a way to analyse the behaviour and communication styles of varying members within a team. Through this analysis, the information that has been gathered is then shared with the other team members and discussed to help improve communication and reduce (or even prevent) conflict within these teams.

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As your external HR consultant, we act as part of your team. Our commitment includes the following:

  • Developing a manual that provides employees with clear guidelines and direction on the expectations of the organisations and the requirements of the employee to meet those expectations.

  • Developing an HR system that includes review and monitoring of the employee compliance and competencies, ensuring that the organisation’s policies and procedures are being followed and a consistent quality outcome is achieved for both the organisation and the employee.

  • Working as an outsourced HR solution for your business, providing-cutting edge HR services across the Brisbane region.

Frequently Asked Questions

A HR outsourcing company is an external provider of HR management services to your business, alleviating your need as a business owner to maintain an in-house HR team, by providing a HR management solution that is best suited to your needs at a cost-effective rate.

The range of HR consulting services which we provide at Bramwell Partners extends to:

  • HR Management – Looking at Recruitment support, Onboarding and inductions, Probations, Offboarding and Exit Interviews, and Performance/Disciplinary Management.
  • HR Support – Centred around HR Inquiry and Issue Support.
  • HR Documentation Development – Includes Company Manual, Employee Agreements, Positions Descriptions, HR Policy and Procedure, HR Forms and Checklists.
  • HR Compliance – Prioritising on Leave, Entitlements, Remunerations, Allowances and other staff entitlements.
  • Culture and Performance – Where Psychometric Assessments, Performance Development, and Knowledge and Skills Development are the central focus.

All of the above-mentioned services that a HR Consultant provides can be outsourced. What is important when outsourcing is to ensure that the needs and expectations are clear between the business owner and HR consultant to allow for the correct services to be provided. A good level of communication will allow the business owner to have the best experience possible with their HR consulting provider.

While many aspects of human resources management may be outsourced, small business typically opt for help in only a few key areas; specifically: onboarding, terminations, employee compliance, performance management, WHS matters and more recently the management of remote work and work from home arrangements.