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Bramwell Partners is a true partnership. For twenty years Tameka and Wayne have been working together developing their skills in business management. As Brisbane’s workplace compliance professionals, they share a common commitment to helping businesses establish sustainable platforms for growth.

Bramwell Partners Team

About Bramwell Partners

Tameka and Wayne began working together in the family transport business. 18 years working in a small business environment ignited their passion to help small to medium family businesses.

They Identified one of the key challenges facing family businesses was the need for systemisation and documentation of the businesses processes that will take them to the next level.

Photo of Tameka Bramwell from Bramwell and Partners.


MANAGING DIRECTOR – HR, Safety and Compliance Specialist

Tameka is Bramwell Partners’ Managing Director with specialisations in Human Resources, Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) and organisational compliance. With over three decades of experience, Tameka has dedicated her career to Human Resources and ISO Certified Management systems, consistently contributing to the cultivation of organizational culture through a focus on accountability.

For a decade, she served as the General Manager for a family-owned and operated transport business, overseeing the successful amalgamation of two businesses into a unified entity. During this period, Tameka concurrently pursued a bachelor’s degree in management & HR, showcasing her commitment to continuous learning and professional development. Her tenure as General Manager exposed her to the intricacies of managing complex teams across diverse locations and time zones, fostering a heightened awareness of the challenges inherent in such environments.

Emphasizing the establishment of business systems that provide structure and guidance, Tameka centers her efforts on developing High Performing teams and organizations capable of consistently delivering quality outcomes.

As a certified REACH Practitioner, accredited DISC professional, and Mental Health First Aid qualified, Tameka brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Over the past three decades, Tameka has meticulously developed a suite of tools and resources, enabling her to provide tailored advice that aligns seamlessly with the unique environments of her clients.

Tameka is an experienced professional who exemplifies a dedication to excellence, ongoing improvement, and the strategic cultivation of high-performance teams.

When not at work, Tameka enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, volunteering her time at the Aspley League Club as a committee member, caravanning, red wine, and relaxing with her husband Wayne.

Photo of Wayne Bramwell from Bramwell and Partners.


GENERAL MANAGER – Business Development & Safety Specialist

With over two decades of experience in the transport and equipment hire industries, Wayne specializes in operations and business management. A notable achievement in Wayne’s career includes playing a pivotal role in integrating “Boom Sherrin” into its parent company (“Boom Logistics”), where, as the South Queensland Manager, Wayne facilitated the successful amalgamation of equipment hire, travel tower, and crane operations into a unified business. This complex process involved managing redundancies, overseeing recruitment, conducting training, and merging various departments.

As a Senior WHS Consultant, Wayne demonstrates a steadfast commitment to Work Health and Safety (WHS). Beyond amalgamations, Wayne has actively contributed to developing and implementing new WH&S systems in businesses, showcasing a profound understanding of Australian standards and legal requirements within the transport and equipment hire industries.

Having held senior management positions with full profit and loss responsibility, Wayne empathizes with the challenges businesses face in implementing and sustaining robust WH&S procedures and policies while ensuring cost-effectiveness and value addition. This skill, combined with Wayne ‘s WHS expertise, positions him as a dynamic force capable of guiding businesses through intricate transitions with a focus on safety and operational efficiency.

Furthermore, Wayne’s proficiency extends to adeptly managing strong union environments, complementing the Director’s HR specialization. This collaborative effort establishes a comprehensive framework addressing WHS challenges and nurturing a positive workplace culture.

In summary, Wayne stands as a proven professional, offering a unique blend of operational insight, financial acumen, and an unwavering commitment to safety, propelling businesses toward sustained success.

Connor Bramwell employee at Bramwell Partners.


WHSE Consultant & Human Resources assistant

Connor has worked multiple jobs that have spanned across a number of industries, including the Meat, Warehousing, and Furniture Removals industries. Working in these industries provided an insight into what safety looks like in varying environments and sizes of business.   Connor has been part of the Bramwell Partners Safety team for 9 years.   To compliment this insight, Connor has also completed a Cert IV in WHS and is currently studying a Bachelor of Business (Human Resources).

In his spare time, he enjoys watching sports but more importantly loves playing Rugby League and Oz Tag. Outside of this, Connor enjoys travelling to other countries, having visited the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Nepal (where he trekked to Everest Base Camp), and added South Korea and Japan to this list before Covid disrupted his travel plans.



Aleisha is one of our valued HR Consultants and the Marketing Officer at Bramwell Partners. Aleisha has been working at Bramwell Partners since she completed her internship. Since then, Aleisha has worked with a diverse array of businesses spanning various industries and completed her Bachelor of Human Resource Management at Charles Sturt University in 2022.

Aleisha is experienced in supporting workplace investigations, shaping organizational culture, ensuring workplace compliance, crafting HR documentation and driving recruitment initiatives. This varied exposure has equipped Aleisha with a holistic understanding of some of the unique challenges each sector faces and an ability to tailor strategic HR solutions to her clients.  Aleisha is passionate about creating practical solutions aligned with her client’s objectives and organizational dynamics.

As an Advanced REACH Ecosystems Practitioner, Aleisha excels at interpreting personality profiling results, enhancing employee capabilities, optimizing team dynamics, and fostering workplace synergy.

Desh Profile Photo


WHSE Consultant

Thanura (Desh) is a highly esteemed Workplace Health Safety and Environment (WHSE) & Compliance Consultant at Bramwell Partners, holding a Master of Health Safety & Environment. He earned his Bachelor’s in Environmental Sciences and Natural Resources Management from Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka before relocating to Australia in 2016 to pursue his Masters in Health Safety and Environment at Queensland University of Technology. Upon the completion of his postgraduate studies, Desh embarked on his professional journey as an Environmental Health & Safety Officer.

With a diverse clientele spanning various industries, Desh collaborates with organizations to foster safe work environments and establish sustainable Workplace Health and Safety Management Systems. His extensive knowledge and experience in environmental health and safety make him a valuable asset, and he is deeply committed to guiding clients toward comprehensive safety compliance. Desh stands as a dedicated professional, contributing to the advancement of workplace safety and regulatory adherence.

Furthermore, Desh holds an Integrated Management Systems (IMS) Internal Auditor certification. In his role, he supports auditing and actively works to ensure organizations remain compliant, efficient, and maintain high-quality standards.

When not at work, Desh enjoys travelling with friends and spending time with his family.


Hr Manager – Senior HR consultant

John stands as a fully qualified and seasoned HR business leader, bringing two decades of expertise to the realm of human resources management (HR) and workplace relations law. Throughout his career, John has honed a diverse skill set encompassing strategic management, practical solutions implementation, industrial relations advocacy, and the delivery of high-level HR services for both private and public sector organizations.    John has comprehensive industry knowledge with a passion for driving positive change within organizations. Project management and change management stand as key areas of expertise for John, who has successfully led organizations through transitions by leveraging a keen understanding of the intricate dynamics and procedures involved. His people-centric approach not only aligns seamlessly with effective decision-making skills, enabling him to navigate complex scenarios with confidence and foresight, but also complements his negotiation expertise and strategic thinking. These combined strengths have proven instrumental in achieving favourable outcomes and cultivating collaborative environments within various professional settings.

Whether through mentorship, coaching, or fostering a positive work environment, John has consistently demonstrated a knack for unlocking the best in those he leads.

With a versatile skill set defined by strategic acumen and a people-centric focus, John has established himself as a trusted advisor in the fields of HR and workplace relations law.



Steve is a tertiary qualified senior business and human resources leader with extensive experience in various industry sectors including resources, engineering, manufacturing, packaging, training and not-for-profit. Extensive experience across both blue-chip ASX listed and smaller niche organisations, combined with both broad and deep competencies in leadership, human resources, and training, has enabled Steve to make a significant contribution to business results and culture development in each of the organisations he has worked.  As well as being a Queensland native and passionate advocate for a stronger regional Queensland, Steve has a sound appreciation of human and cultural differences, geographical and business challenges, and regulatory environments. Making the complex simple, converting a vision into reality, achieving win-win outcomes, developing fit-for-purpose solutions, and helping leaders navigate the matrix of risk and opportunity are all attributes that Steve can bring to your task or project.



Makayla is a highly motivated HR professional with a strong educational background and over one year of practical experience in the HR field. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce (majoring in Finance) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (majoring in Human Resource Management), and a passion for fostering positive work environments; Makayla has developed a solid foundation and knowledge of various HR functions.

During Makayla’s tenure as an HR graduate, she has gained valuable experience in recruitment and selection, performance management, HR policy development, and ensuring workplace compliance. With excellent communication and interpersonal skills, Makayla excels in building strong relationships with clients. Makayla is adept at collaborating with management teams to develop effective HR strategies and initiatives that support business growth, success and that support their strategic vision.

With a strong passion for continuous learning and staying updated with industry trends, Makayla is dedicated to providing strategic HR support and providing clients with the most current and effective HR solutions. Makayla’s goal is to leverage her skills and experience to drive positive change and create a positive work culture that enhances employee growth and engagement.

Louis Bramwell

Security Detail

Louis, a dedicated Security Detail, safeguards our office by meticulously scrutinizing parcel deliveries and remaining vigilant for the postman’s arrival. With a keen eye for detail, Louis serves as the first line of defense against potential threats, ensuring the security of the doorstep. Possessing discerning judgment and assertive poise, Louis effectively wards off random door-to-door salesmen, making the neighbourhood a safer place one delivery at a time.

Gemima Bramwell

Chief Welcoming Officer

Gemima, the Chief Welcoming Officer, reigns as the Queen of meet-and-greet in our office, orchestrating a symphony of warm welcomes for every visitor. With unparalleled enthusiasm, she ensures that the entire building is acutely aware of any newcomers, turning each arrival into a celebration. Gemima’s charm and knack for creating a hospitable atmosphere make her an indispensable force in fostering a friendly and inclusive workplace environment.

Together Wayne & Tameka saw that compliance issues for all businesses were ever increasing. Their experiences resulted in their decision to focus
on assisting small to medium family businesses. They have identified their own strengths and developed the service offerings of Bramwell Partners
around these. As Brisbane’s workplace compliance professionals, they are committed to providing services to businesses that not only add value, but are within the budgetary restraints of those business.

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