Bramwell Partners is a true partnership. For twenty years Tameka and Wayne have been working together developing their skills in business
management. They share a common goal to help businesses establish sustainable platforms for growth.

Bramwell Partners Team

Bramwell Partners

Tameka and Wayne began working together in the family transport business. 18 years working in a small business environment ignited their passion to help small to medium family businesses.

They Identified one of the key challenges facing family businesses was the need for systemisation and documentation of the businesses processes that will take them to the next level.

Together Wayne & Tameka saw that compliance issues for all businesses were ever increasing. Their experiences resulted in their decision to focus
on assisting small to medium family businesses. They have identified their own strengths and developed the service offerings of Bramwell Partners
around these. Their focus is to provide services to businesses that not only add value, but are within the budgetary restraints of business.

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