A gap analysis gives businesses and organisations room to determine how they can best achieve their business goals; essentially, how to get from its current state to its desired state. From this, businesses can work out a way to bridge the gap and implement the right measures to reach goals successfully. What is gap analysis can be answered in many ways, but it all comes down to the same principle. It’s about asking yourself “where are we now” and “where do we want to be”. Once the measures are a success, the business can work on implementing their competitive advantage rather than focusing on competition in the industry.

If you’re still wondering what the importance of a gap analysis is, we’ve collated an informative guide that expands on how this system can benefit your business.

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The Importance of Gap Analysis

Undertaking a gap analysis should aim to increase a company’s production and/or performance, resulting in a healthier work environment, higher-quality products, and increased customer satisfaction. When a gap analysis is conducted, productive and efficient management needs to be constant throughout the planning and implementation stages to ensure everything remains on track. The research that goes into these analyses also creates a solid foundation for success and needs to focus on the internal and external operations of the business environment. The benefits of gap analysis are extensive and important for the quality of performance and even employee productivity.

Before the Gap Analysis

Before knowing the fundamentals of a gap analysis, it’s important to understand the process that leads up to conducting one. The success of a business starts from the top. Without a quality management system, the flow of the company wouldn’t uphold. This is why it’s important to take care of the management systems within your business first, before looking at having a gap analysis undertaken. At Bramwell Partners, we can assist with reinforcing your business’s processes and how they can better produce high-quality results while granting your business the right tools to effectively train new and existing team members. This, in turn, will ensure the reproduction of strong results consistently.

Quality management systems implemented by a professional HR firm, before consideration of a gap analysis, can offer your business the following:

  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Increase of transaction values
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved risk management
  • Improved staff knowledge of risk management
  • Provides a holistic analysis of both the people and the process.

And so much more.

The Benefits of Gap Analysis

Knowing what the benefits are of a gap analysis can make you feel at ease when it comes time for one to be conducted. Understanding the benefits of a gap analysis can assist you to establish your expected outcomes from the process making you feel more at ease when it comes time for one to be conducted. A gap analysis will cover the main points of how your business should be running to meet its goals successfully, and typically runs over the process of:

  • Analysing the businesses current state
  • Identifying business goals and an ideal future state
  • Finding the gap between the current and future state
  • Evaluating realistic solutions
  • Creating and implementing a plan to bridge the gap

Throughout the gap analysis process, you will better understand where your business is currently at, and how you can achieve your business goals with realistic measures and time frames. These processes also give insight into areas of improvement, for example, product efficiency, performance, customer satisfaction/ dissatisfaction, processes, and competitive advantage to name the most prominent. You will also be made aware of potential and current business weaknesses while implementing ways in which these weaknesses can be properly overcome.

What is gap analysis? A gap analysis is a process that will also show you where to direct your focus and energy to provide maximum benefit to your business and provide information that will enable you to make informed decisions to improve business performance.

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