Building a Winning Team – Part 1: Crafting the Perfect Job Advertisement

When it comes to building a winning team, the first step is finding the right candidate. While strong leadership, high motivation, a winning mentality, and clear goals are essential factors to building a winning team, first and foremost one must know how to craft the perfect job advertisement.

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6 Tips for Writing a Good Job Ad

It may be hard to think about what makes a good job advertisement as a guide to this isn’t written plainly on a wall. It’s essential to combine your understanding of the company with the responsibilities and outcomes for the role you have in mind. The first step to creating a perfect job ad is understanding your company. What does it do? What are its values? What is its culture like? All of these factors will influence the type of candidate you are looking for. Once you have a good understanding of your company, you can start thinking about the right candidate.

Refer to the Job Requirements

To craft the perfect job advertisement, refer to the job spec. This is an internal document that will give you a strong idea of what you want to have fulfilled in the role. When writing the job advertisement, be clear and concise about what the role entails. The more information you can give potential candidates, the better. Be sure to include a detailed description of the duties and responsibilities of the role, as well as the required qualifications and skills.

Job Titles

Part of writing a good job ad is having a job title that conveys to the candidate the role they’re searching for. Companies are constantly competing on the job board to find the best candidates to work for them, and a clear job title can help set you apart from other job advertisements and attract the right person for the role.

What makes a good job advertisement is, in part, the clarity of the job title. Be clear and specific about the role you’re hiring for. Some things to keep in mind when writing a job title are to keep it short and to the point, include keywords that candidates will be searching for, and be clear about the level of experience you’re looking for. Following these tips will help ensure that your job title is effective in attracting the right candidates for your open positions.

Consider Personality

To help set your perfect job advertisement apart from others, you should look for not only skills but also personality. Here, the job advertisement isn’t about the role itself but the potential candidate joining the company. For example, you may add in your job advertisement that a bubbly personality is ideal for a customer service role or a creative thinker for design roles. Highlighting what you’re looking for in a candidate’s personality will make it clearer about what the role entails. With this stated clearly, candidates will have a better idea of how they would fit within the company.

Summarise the Benefits

Appeal to candidates by mentioning what the benefits package or employee value proposition includes. Whether it’s that the dress code is casual rather than strict, a flexible work/home hybrid, or brand-new kitchen amenities that can save candidates from eating out every day, being transparent about the benefits your company has to offer helps candidates envision being part of the team. Bramwell Partners can help you to identify the benefits or employee value proposition your company provides.

Company Culture

What makes your company the perfect place for people to work? A key to writing a good job ad and hiring the perfect candidate is by highlighting company values and culture. In a summary, mention what appeals to candidates to work there in the first place. Let your passion shine through and paint a picture of an exciting role that candidates will be eager to apply for. Bramwell Partners can help to identify the company values and culture and build upon them.

Clear Call to Action

When your job advertisement comes to a close, you want candidates to apply to the application rather than close the page. Whether the posting is through a third-party job site or redirects to your company’s website, you should offer a simple and easy way to apply. Provide clear instructions on what information candidates should send over, such as a resume and cover letter. By doing this, you get all the information you want before proceeding with the interview process.

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