Respirable Crystalline Silica Dust – does this affect you and your employees?

On 31st October, Queensland will introduce Australia’s first Code of Practice for the stone bench-top industry.

Managing respirable crystalline silica dust exposure in the stone bench-top industry code of practice 2019, applies to all fabrication or processing, including during installation, maintenance and removal, of engineered and natural stone bench-tops.

It sets minimum and enforceable standards to ensure silica dust is managed safely and workers are protected.

The Code focuses on:
• dust control methods to eliminate respirable crystalline silica dust during
mechanical processing, including water suppression and on tool dust
• the use of appropriate respirable protective equipment to safeguard workers
• air and health monitoring to check dust controls are effective and there are no
changes to workers’ health
• safe onsite installation methods, including installation in homes
• worker consultation, as well as training, education, instruction and supervision
of workers

Workplace Health & Safety Qld have indicated that Compliance Audits will be conducted in 2020.

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