Performance Evaluation Process – Getting All Your Employees on The Same Page

In my opinion, the most valuable aspect of engaging in a regular performance evaluation process is that it provides the opportunity for both the employer & employee to “get on the same page”.

It is important for every team leader, branch manager or business owner to engage with their employees so that they know what the employee is looking to achieve.

Some employees aspire to simply ‘give their all’ in their current role without wanting to move up the ranks or upskill – knowing that will ensure you don’t expect more than they are willing to give or waste time & resources in trying to get more from them than they are willing to give!

On the flip side knowing that your employee is driven and wants more knowledge and more responsibility perhaps even to become that ‘mover and shaker’ in your business will allow you to throw your resources, time & effort into them.

You can save yourself a lot of time and frustration from ‘barking up the wrong tree’!

Making the most of the Performance Evaluation Process

The performance evaluation process is the perfect opportunity to engage in a conversation that identifies what your employees aspire to. Yes, the time can be spent identifying opportunities for improvement in task or role specifics however the greatest value actually comes from conversations around career development and the setting of personal objectives and goals.

The personal goal might be as simple as to identify where they want their career to go. This process can identify where your businesses resources (time and money) are best spent. These conversations can be the inspiration and motivation to take an employee to the next level both personally and professionally.

The conversation might also help an employee make some valuable life decision which may well include moving on. Regardless of what the outcome is, the time you spend with your employees in these types of interactions will pay you back ten-fold.

The Value of Time

Time is one of our most precious resources. Spending time with your employees inevitably builds your relationship with them which in turn builds both trust & respect (mutual in fact)!

This will then increase your integrity and credibility as a leader. There is no greater gift you can give your employees or your team members than the gift of TIME. Acknowledging them for who and what they are and offer, may just be the catalyst for the growth in your business or department that you are looking for.

Unfortunately, however good your intentions may be – employee evaluations and reviews are often low on the list of priorities and it doesn’t take much for them to be pushed aside!  My experience shows that actually prioritizing these meetings will, in fact, prove to your employee that you see both them and the meeting as important – that’s where we come in – engaging a third party (ie. Bramwell Partners) to facilitate this meeting ensures not only that you achieve the best possible outcome for all, but also that the meeting actually happens – we will ensure that the meeting doesn’t get bogged down and off track.

Find out how Bramwell Partners can help your business with the performance evaluation process by getting in touch with our HR consulting team today.

Updated 09/06/2020

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