What is an HR consultant, and do you need one?

Running a business is deeply rewarding, sure, but did you know that it can also be hugely stressful? Oh, you did? Well, that sounds about right. While there are some tasks that you have to complete on your own, there are other tasks still which you can (and absolutely should) outsource. One of these areas is HR – Human Resources, and it makes perfect sense to outsource this role to someone with the appropriate training and expertise to make short work of your HR issues and tasks. Continue reading to learn what is an HR consultant, and what does an HR consultant do.

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What does an HR consultant do?

An HR consultant is someone who steps in when you have an HR issue that needs resolving. HR consultants are helpful when you are starting and do not have policies and procedures in place because they can draft them for you quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. HR policies and procedures can protect your business from issues with staffing and will be there to rely on as your business grows.

HR Consultants can:

  • Aid with interviewing new candidates
  • Ensure that your recruitment process is sufficient and correct
  • Put compliance procedures in place
  • Work to implement redundancy within your business
  • Help with absenteeism and discipline
  • Implement long-service leave programs
  • Mitigate harassment and bullying in the workplace

Workplace health and safety is a huge part of running a business, and you need to ensure that you are 100% compliant in all aspects. If you are in any way unsure about your compliance, then working with an HR consultant will alleviate these fears.

Working with an HR consultant helps because:

  • You will create a culture of safety in your workplace
  • You will ensure that all staff and contractors have clear expectations about their safety responsibilities
  • You’ll have a competitive advantage over your competition
  • You enjoy increased value in your business when your HR consultant creates documented processes

In short, an HR consultant makes your life easier. An HR consultant gives you back your time. An HR consultant is here for your business, whether you’re looking to grow or lock in your processes.

Do you need to outsource?

People outsource all manner of tasks in day to day life; from removalists to help you move house or office through to drivers to deliver food (UberEats, anyone?). From a business perspective, you could learn how to manage the HR needs of your office, or you could hire someone who already has the skills and leave yourself free to focus on the activities and tasks you’re experienced (and competent) at. After all, in business, you can find a consultant to help with advertising, marketing, report writing and IT services. The benefits of outsourcing your HR to an HR consultant include:

  • You have more time free to focus on your business
  • You spend less money on a professional service person than you would be figuring out how to DIY
  • You add value to the service you’re providing
  • You experience less pressure and stress day-to-day
  • You get the perspective and skill of a professional with industry knowledge

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Updated: Thursday, 20th February 2020