Let’s Walk The Talk

Are you walking the walk in your business?

Are you doing what you expect others to do? Or is it a case of “Do as I say not as I do”?

Well apart from having a massive negative impact on your integrity and credibility as a leader, it is having a massive impact on the effectiveness of your business operations.

Today I had an email from a client thanking me for my recent visit. She commented that is was good to have an industry expert (she was referring to me BTW) to help them keep on track and continue to “walk the walk”.

Now this client was talking with specific reference to my work with them in my capacity as a Quality Management Consultant. She has recognized that living and breathing their QMS and making it part of their every day business function is going to really pay off come External Audit time.

Her email made me feel really good. Apart from being considered an industry expert, (that was kinda nice) she was recognizing the value of walking the walk in her business every day and leading by example in the use and operation of their quality management system.

Gone are the days that Top Management can simply delegate out the responsibility for the QMS. ISO 9001:2015 states that Top Management shall demonstrate a commitment….”. It doesn’t say Top Management shall delegate at a commitment.

What message are you sending your team by not walking the walk and following the established businesses practices that ensure a consistent quality of service or product is provided to your clients.

I am so proud that I have been able to work with this client to show them the value of living their quality culture and walking the walk every day.

I know that this clients business is going to go from Good to Great because of their commitment to walking the walk.