What is QMS? Is it w0rth it?

What is a Quality management system?

As the end of the financial year approach many businesses with ISO certification ask themselves this question. There is a constant battle every year to cut costs and find new ways to increase our profit margins.

This inevitably means that businesses look at their QMS, EMS and IMS and wonder if it is really providing value to the business. The challenge for businesses is to make sure that the business doesn’t cut costs that actually have more of a negative impact than was intended.

Well before you throw the baby out with the bathwater lets consider your options.

  • What is your corporate culture like?
  • Is it a Quality Culture?
  • What does an organisation with a quality corporate culture look like?
  • How can you develop that corporate culture?

How much more effectively and efficiently would your QMS operate if everyone, from Top Management to Front Line team live, eat and breathe quality practices in your organisation. Knowing how developing a quality high performing team would make an enormous difference.

  • Are you using your QMS to make a difference in your business?
  • Are you using the QMS to identify your business risks and mitigate them?
  • Are you identify your opportunities to maximize them?

Do you understand the concepts of the ISO 9001 standard?

Understanding the concepts of the ISO 9001 standard are useful to make evidence based decisions. Who, or What, are ‘Interested Parties’ – often as Top Management we delegate the knowledge and understanding of the requirements of the QMS to others. This significantly impacts on the decision that impact on the operation of the QMS.

  • What’s your relationship like with your Certifying Body?
  • Do you have a relationship with your Certifying Body?
  • Are they working with you to achieve your goals or does it feel like they are the enemy – it should not & cannot be that way?

A Certifying Body that understands your business and how your QMS works within your business WILL make an extraordinary difference to your certification experience.

Bramwell Partners are the answer a team that will work with you to ensure you and your business are getting the most out of your QMS.