Workplace Wellness – Health and Wellbeing at Work

In May, Worksafe Queensland held an event to launch their new work health and wellbeing (workplace wellness) toolkit. Two of our staff were fortunate enough to attend this very large event attended by many professionals throughout Brisbane.

At the launch, a number of presenters spoke about the statistics relating to work health and wellbeing; their experiences; and different programs that have been implemented within workplaces in the past.

Our staff were particularly interested in hearing Peter Gould from the Redland City Council speak as he share with the audience that over the last 5 years, the RCC have implemented a new program for each 12 month period which focused on a key area that they identified required improvement.

Some of the programs rolled out each annum have included:

  • Psychosocial Safety Hazard Management Strategy
  • Ageing Workforce Hazard Management Strategy
  • Sedentary Work Hazard Management Strategy
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing Strateg
  • Occupational Health Hazard Management Focus

With these programs in place the RCC have been able to increase the health and wellbeing of a majority of their staff across a variety of age brackets. It has been proven that  increased health and wellbeing generally results in improved happiness and lower absenteeism of staff.

The tools that are provided in the Work Health and Wellbeing Toolkit will help others create programs similar to what Peter Gould and the Redland City Council have done to ensure that they are supporting their staff to live a healthy lifestyle which also includes their mental health.

These tools will help to gather the correct data to provide the foundations to work from and give you a target to strive for.


If you are interested in increasing the work health and wellbeing (and overall workplace wellness) of your staff and would like some assistance understanding the tools that Worksafe Queensland have put together, then call Bramwell Partners on 3630 5695.