Bramwell Partners – Your Quality Partner

The development of a Quality Management System can take your company to the next level. Every successful organisation has a set of quality procedures and processes that have ensured the organisations success. At Bramwell Partners, we are your QMS partner.

However, in most cases those procedures and processes are not documented and remain in the head of the key stakeholders. Without any one of those people in the organisation continued success is at risk.

A formalised system of procedures adds value to the organisation by ensuring that the quality process of the organisation can be conducted by any one. It’s the old “If I get hit by a bus tomorrow” Principle.

Bramwell Partners can work with the key stakeholders within the organisation to create a set of Quality Procedures according to the ISO 9001:2015 guidelines resulting in a strong sustainable framework for continued growth.

Continual Improvement
A QMS is never complete. The business environment is constantly evolving and therefore every business is also constantly evolving. A QMS provides a framework for tracking and monitoring the business performance and easily identifying trends and opportunities for improvement. It also provides an organisation with the ability to analyse the effectiveness of the current business activities.

Third Party Certification
Pursuing Third Party Certification can provide enormous value to a business. It is globally recognised and accepted in tendering processes. One Certificate demonstrates to your potential clients that your organisation has quality processes in place to provide consistently high service or product.

Consistency in Service, Productivity, Performance
A Quality Management System is a formalised system that provides confidence to your clients and stakeholders that a consistent high quality standard in Service, Productivity and Performance can be maintained. This system can also demonstrate to potential investors that their investment is capable of operating with the current management team in place.

Develop, Implementation, Management, Monitoring
As your QMS partner, Bramwell Partners can develop a QMS that is appropriate to your business and meets ISO 9001:2015. Ensuring that the system is developed that is appropriate is critical to the effective daily operation of the system in your business. We focus on engaging your team, examining how and why functions are performed and where necessary documenting the processes within those functions.

The next stage is Implementation. Often taking on formalisation of functions and processes will highlight inconsistencies in practices and the implementation phase is where these inconsistencies are addressed.

Regular workshops, audits and team meetings are conducted to bring the whole teams practices into alignment.
Once the system has been implemented and there is a clear understanding of the responsibility of each team member with respect to the system Bramwell Partners can assist in the ongoing management phase. Monthly Department Meetings, Performing Internal Audits, Examining Improvement Registers and liaising with the teams on opportunities for ongoing improvement of the system.

A system that has a high level of ‘buy-in’ from the organisation would involve daily, weekly and monthly activities in the system being conducted by the organisation itself. However, without external accountability the system can start to lose integrity. To maintain an effective compliant system Bramwell Partners, as your QMS partner, takes on a monitoring role. External Audits on a Quarterly Basis are conducted that identify and areas of concern or opportunities for improvement.

Ongoing maintenance is a valuable function to ensure that the organisation smoothly transitions through compliance and recertification audits.