New Code of Practice – Concrete Pumping

On December 2nd the Concrete Pumping Code of practice was updated. The new Code of Practice makes it is easier to understand and comply, there have been, multiple new sections added, and existing sections amended. If you work in concrete plumbing industry here are the main areas to review:

  • Sections focusing on definitions
  • Section 2 which focuses on Design
  • Section 3 which looks at Planning and Preparation, but more specifically, the roles and responsibilities section which highlight the responsibilities of the PCBU, Concrete Pump Owners, and the equipment operators.
  • Sections around plant and equipment management; that have been amended to provide more clarity around the requirements as well as new sections developed for specific aspects that weren’t being addressed in the last version of the Code of Practice.
  • A new section has been added around Timbers, pads, and bog mats which highlights the minimum specifications for this equipment.

Comparison Table

Worksafe Queensland has developed a comparison table which addresses all the changes and inclusions made to the Concrete Pumping Code of Practice. This table is the easiest way for business owners to find any new and/or amended sections . With this table, business owners can identify what the new industry standard is and how to comply with the code of practice.

Why is it important for businesses to review changes to legislation in their industry?

If businesses aren’t reviewing recently updated legislation, they are opening themselves up to regulatory compliance requirements that they aren’t aware of. When changes to regulations are made it is because ambiguity within the industry has been identified and it can lead to insufficient implementation of standard risk management. The level of impact each change has, depends on whether the change is already seen within the industry or if it is completely new, and it is always best practice to keep on top of any Code of Practice updates.

If you wish to find the full code of practice for concrete pumping (or any other code of practice) you can find them at SafeWork Queensland.

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